License your music for films

When you are the copyright owner of a song, you have the choice to license it to other people if you want. This is a wonderful way to make a ton of money. When you license a song, you are giving that party the right to use the song. Music is always needed for movies and film. They need music for in the movie and for the movies soundtrack. This is a great way to get your music heard by a large audience and for you to make a little money by selling the license.
If you are looking to get your music licensed in movies and film then this is the E-Book for you. This book has all the contacts you need.

*Major and Indie film production contacts
*Lists film production company name, website, phone number and email when available
*In the USA and overseas
*A list of new movies currently in pre-production along with contact info
*Over 85 film production company contact numbers

Having these contacts is like having gold. This could be your gateway to establishing relationships with the people who gather music needed for movie soundtracks. There is always a need for new music. Especially with independent film companies. You can use instrumentals or full songs with vocals. It is all a matter of getting in touch with the right people that can guide you to getting your music licensed.
With these contacts, you can get the info you need. Once you have the contact info, it is up to you to hustle and make calls to find out who you need to send music to. This is a wonderful E-Book.
It is viewable on your computer, ipad and Kindle devices.

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